Zachariah Njobo – Great artist of the movement

11 August 2016 Zimbabwe

Zachariah njobo
Zachariah Njobo
is currently one of the better artists of contemporary artists movement sculptors from Zimbabwe.
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Biography :
Born in Birchenough Bridge in the Midlands of Zimbabwe, Zachariah is from the Ndau tribe, a group peculiar to the area between the traditional homes of the Shona in the North and the Ndebele to the South. Their language is a blend of both Shona and Ndebele. 4th born in a family of 6, Zachariah grew up in the Midlands and had to leave school at the age of thirteen due to financial constraints. Whilst at school it was here that he formed an interest in the arts and sculpting, kindled by his Uncle who was an already successful wooden sculptor.

During his first few years away from school, Zachariah stayed at home and continued to practice sculpting more as a hobby than anything else. In his early twenties he moved to Harare in seach of employment and soon discovered the Canon Paterson Art Centre, where budding sculptors were able to work together to obtain the materials necessary for their sculpting, namely stone and tools.

Zachariah soon began sculpting full time and his unique and distinctive style soon brought him to the attention of buyers and collectors. His very clean efficient and often humorous works have now been displayed all over the world in different collections.
Zachariah has for some years one of the leading artists of the current generation of Zimbabwean sculptors. His works are now exhibited in international galleries (USA, Belgium, Germany, England, Australia, France …)

Definately a new talent to be reckoned with on the zimbabwean sculpture scene.

Artworks for sale :
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