Respect, recognition and promotion of artists' work

serpentine-galerie5Based in the south of France, near Aix en Provence, the Serpentine Galerie is specialized in the contemporary movement of sculpture of Zimbabwe.

Since 1998, we are passionate about promoting the work of Zimbabwean sculptors during artistics exhibitions in France and in Europe.

During our travels to Zimbabwe, we wove ties with population, his especially with artists and participants involved in the contemporary movement of sculpture. It’s from the magic of each meeting, from those privileged shared moments that the Serpentine Art Gallery is born.

Our approach : To respect and to aknowledge artists
. To encourage their creativity
. To promote and to defend their art.

How we work :
 To collaborate with the artists
. To acquire sculptures at a fair price
. To propose works of quality at attractive prices.


To preserve this initial operation founded on an fair exchange between artists, our customers and ourselves is essential for us.



The movement of sculptors artists from Zimbabwe is considered, for over 50 years, as an unavoidable element of the Contemporary Art. Today, some artists from Zimbabwe are known as the best artists in the world. Known as Shona Art, this art amazes and seduces the world with its modernity. African art and Contemporary art, spontaneous art without reference to an ancestral tradition.

The purity of lines, the beauty of serpentine, the design of sculptures will fit your needs and your spaces to perfection. The variety of stone sculptures proposed will seduce you. Whatever it might be monumental garden sculptures or modern sculptures to embellish your home, you will be glad to live beside them. Indoor, sculptures from Zimbabwe offer a presence, a soul… Outdoor, in your gardens, sculptures from Zimbabwe create very special vibes. To reach this fullness, Serpentine Galerie will be delighted to find the sculpture that will fullfil your aspirations, that will be a perfect reflexion of yourself, of your own space.

Consult available sculptures on our Galleries.
Tell us about your space, your needs and desires, we shall find together the ideal sculpture.

Erik Lavigne  ”Fair Art Prospector”